Form Follows Sun

Digital Design Workflows for Performance Driven Architecture | MA Seminar – SoSe 2020 |

This seminar will introduce students to methods and approaches to develop an architecture informed by the play of the sunlight – both in terms of its spatial / daylight qualities as light and in terms of solar radiation as heat. The seminar will introduce students to industry leading digital design workflows to develop performance-driven architectural design, which emphasizes on integrated and comprehensive optimization of various qualitative and quantitative performances of buildings. The seminar will explore themes of façade and form optimization at a building and urban scale.
The seminar will start with a basic introduction to Grasshopper, a graphical algorithm editor for Rhinoceros, and will go on to develop a gradual understanding of digital workflows for understanding and implementing basic concepts such as the sun-path, shading masks etc. and culminate with an advanced understanding of performance simulation concepts and metrics of climate-based daylight and irradiation modelling, and how the sun can shape, inform, and enhance the form. Form Follows Sun.
The seminar is linked to the Daylight Theory seminar by Prof. Rudolph / AM Degenhardt. The seminar can be combined with the other gt+ke seminar ‚Licht + Raum‘. (double seminare 5+5 ECTS).

Basic knowledge of grasshopper is highly recommended, although not mandatory to take the course. Limited number of participants

5 ECTS | Course language is English.

Master of Arts in Architecture | Seminar, Lehrangebot Schwerpunkt Design_Technologie – Sondergebiete des nachhaltigen Bauens, Klasse für Gebäudetechnologie und Klimagerechtes Entwerfen,  Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Rudolph, Mohammad Hamza, MSc. BA. Arch.