Climate Design Tools

MA Seminar – SS 2024 |

This seminar introduces students to industry-leading digital design workflows, optimizing various quantitative aspects of architectural design. It focuses on climate-responsive form optimization at both building and urban scales.The seminar begins with an introduction to climate-responsive design, howcasing real project examples. It places a stronger emphasis on the theoretical aspects of daylighting and radiation studies. Participants will receive basic training in Rhino 3D for preparing daylight and radiation models. This will be followed by an introductorysession to Grasshopper, a graphical algorithm editor for Rhino that facilitates visual programming and parametrization.

As the seminar progresses, participants will develop a gradual understanding of digital workflows and expand on concepts such as climate analysis, sun-path, shading masks, solar irradiation, and daylighting, leading to an advanced understanding of integrated climateresponsive design.

Additionally, the seminar will introduce participants to other digital tools and resources available for free, broadening their toolkit for climate-responsive design. The seminar will include hands-on interaction with professional daylighting measurement equipment. The seminar’s structure emphasizes hands-on practice, allowing ample opportunity for addressing both individual and collective queries.

In this collaborative environment, each articipant will develop their own workflows and templates, in conjunction with the lecturer, to perform climate-based simulations and analysis. While basic knowledge of Rhino and Grasshopper is dvantageous, it is not required for enrollment in the course.

More detailed information will be available on the ABK Portal.

Prof. Matthias Rudolph         
LBA Daniel Lago

Kick-off: Thursday April, 25th 2024
Zeit: Thursdays 14-17 Uhr
Ort/Raum: FLAG Pavillon

Seminar Details:
ECTS:     5  |  Language: English