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Making Cities for People

Re-imagining streets as our most precious public resource | Online Guestlecture By Jeff Risom, Partner and Chief Innovation Officer, Gehl Architects – 08.12. – 9.30 – 10.30 CET|

The days of Streets as primarily service and movement corridors for private vehicle traffic are over.  Streets comprise between 25-35% of all urban space and often 80% of all public space. Such a resource could serve as the lifeblood of communities and to provide the social infrastructure for health, equity and climate action. Yet popular initiatives around car-free city-centers risk promoting cultural elitism while excluding the most vulnerable urban dwellers who often live in adjacent neighborhoods.  There should be a better way.   Jeff Risom, partner and Chief innovation officer at Gehl will share best practice and examples of work spanning design and culture and from air pollution to food systems of how streets can be re-imagined to promote health, equity and climate action

Making Cities for People
Gehl is based in Copenhagen, San Francisco and New York.
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This lecture is part of the design studio: Ecopuncture – Transformation B14 (Stuttgart).

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