Climate Responsive Design

MA Seminar – WS 2021/22 |

Climate-responsive design offers solutions to sustainability issues in architecture and has a high relevance on the design. The seminar explores the question as to whether, or to what extent, climate-responsive design differentiates itself based on local climate conditions and therefore its potential to contribute to the architectural identity of the location. Starting point for the design is the analysis of the location, availability of resources, the local climate and the cultural setting. The design goal is to achieve optimized comfort conditions for the user, while at the same time minimizing the energy demand of the building and profiting from the natural energy resources in the built environment. 

The seminar will be assisted by invited external lecturers who will support the seminar members by sharing their professional expertise. It is a joint-venture seminar for MA students of the ABK Stuttgart and MA students of the IUSD program. The Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (IUSD) is a Masters’ program hosted at the University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University in Cairo. The seminar language is English.


Prof. Matthias Rudolph, AM Roman Schallon, LBA Christian Degenhardt

Zeit WS 21/22 Fr 14-16.30

Ort/Raum: Fr 14-16.30 Neubau 1, Raum 119 + Raum 208

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