Climate Design Tools – Digital Design Workflows for Performance Driven Architecture

MA Seminar – SS 2022 |

The seminar will introduce students to industry leading digital design workflows, to optimize various quantitative aspects of architectural design. The seminar will explo- re themes of form optimization at a building and scale. The course language is english with german on demand.

The seminar will start with a basic introduction to Grasshopper, a graphical algorithm editor for Rhinoceros. It will then go on to develop a gradual understanding of digital workflows for understanding and implementing basic concepts such as climate analysis, sun-path, shading masks, irradiation modelling etc and culminate with an advanced un- derstanding of integrated climate-based daylight and thermal performance-evaluation. Students are requested to bring an architectual model wich has been developed in previ- ous semesters. Final exercise will be applied to this model.

Basic knowledge in Grasshopper is helpful but nor mandatory to take the course.

More detailed information will be available on the website and the ABK Moodle-platform.


LBA Romero, Diego MA Sc. ,LBA Roussel, Elise, M.A. Sc.

Kickoff: Friday April, 22th 2022

Time: WS 2022 Fr 13-17