About Tomorrow – Solar Pavilion

AA Visiting School Stuttgart / The Laboratory

| Offener internationaler Workshop | MA Stegreif – SS 2022 |

| Prof.in Marianne Mueller |
| Prof. Matthias Rudolph |
| LBA Chrissie Muhr und Gäste

The Laboratory / AA Visiting School Stuttgart, is a cross-disciplinary initiative of the AA School, London, at the ABK Stuttgart that brings together architects, artists, designers and researchers to speculate about our life in the future.– putting the responsibility for our future back into our own court. Can architecture / architects safe the world?

This year’s topic „Powers of Sun – Solar Design Challenge“ is a collaboration between the AA School London, The ABK Stuttgart and the Solar Biennale Rotterdam. The Solar Biënnale presents a new and holistic perspective on the energy of the sun. The dominant technological and economic discourse must make place for cultural values, aesthetic quality, and social debate. Only in this way can the integration of solar technology in a wide variety of surfaces and objects become a natural and aesthetic part of our living environment.

“Today’s photovoltaic technology allows us to inhabit structures that harvest and produce more electric power than we could ever consume. We can heat and cool our spaces without burning fossil fuels and gases that clog up our atmosphere and our lungs. Architecture must give more than it takes, it must make the world a better place. The sun can help.” (Christian Wassmann, 2020)

The event is conducted in the form of a 10-day workshop, accompanied by field trips, studio visits and expert lectures.

The Laboratory is open to students and professionals from all creative fields and attended by a global audience.

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