Climate Responsive Design – Workshop

| MA Seminar – WS 2017/18 |

The workshop on the 01./02.12.2017 kicked off the collaboration between IUSD-ABK student teams and the Transsolar Academy Fellows.  The goal was that each team, now Students and Fellows together, revised and combined the different proposals to one comprehensive concept and urban form.  The outcomes of the workshop set the base and starting point for the next phase and enables the teams to shift to the building design level.

At the beginning of the workshop, energetic and concise “Pecha kucha” presentations by each student helped to provide everybody with an current overview.  This was followed by two teamwork sessions.  Within these four hours the teams brainstormed and intensively worked together on the further development of the design.  Finally each team presented its achieved results and agreed on optimal, site specific strategies and its conducted design.

Climate Responsive Design – Seminar description