Climate Responsive Design – Final Presentation

| MA Seminar – WS 2017/18 |

Ten student-teams presented their climate responsive design project to an interdisciplinary jury concluding the seminar of the winter semester 2017/2018.  Ten different design approaches for ten different locations were developed.  As a starting point each team had the same site layout although the site was located in different cities.  The cities, Las Vegas • Lagos • Addis Ababa • Kabul • Hyderabad • Astana • Harbin • Xiamen • Jakarta • Wellington, were chosen so that a variety of climate zones are represented.  The produced ten different architectural approaches are responding with its form and function to the respective climate conditions with the intention that the project contributes to the local identity.   •    Please see below for selected results.

The seminar was set up as an interdisciplinary and international education and ideas platform bringing various disciplines and students together to work as a team to develop a climate responsive design.  Therefore MA architecture students from the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design worked together with students from the IUSD MSc program (Course: Sustainable Architecture I) of the University of Stuttgart.  They collaborated in mixed teams with the Transsolar Academy Fellows, who supported the integrated design process with the help of various simulation tools.  Multiple team workshops along the design process facilitated the exchange and cooperation.  •  Workshop impressions  • Seminar description

Master of Arts in Architecture Seminar – Sondergebiete des klimagerechten Bauens,  Lehrangebot Schwerpunkt Design_Technologie,  Klasse für Gebäudetechnologie und klimagerechtes Entwerfen,  Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Rudolph,  Dipl.-Ing. Christian Degenhardt (AM), M.Sc.-PhD cand. Mohamed Amer (LB)

Selection of results: